Integrated Parking Solution

Integrated Parking Solution

With the help of sensors, parking management systems can have a better monitoring on the occupancy / availability data which can be useful for a number of purposes. This is also why we have, through our partner, technologically advanced and manufactured a Parking Space Occupancy Sensor for you.

How does it work?

Our know-how is based on sensing and measuring the earth magnetic field of individual parking spaces. The sensors are based on wireless technology (energy supply and communication) buried underground just below surface level.

Some specifics on our sensor system

  • Easy to install
  • Stress-free interface connection to numerous other systems and applications
  • Long-life battery (5-6 years of life-span)
  • Efficient and cost-effective parking operation
  • Enable access to a wide-range of information on real-time occupancy
  • No required connection to public network
  • Communication with the central software system via NB-IoT network or Sensor Gateways
  • Remote configuration, calibration and updates

Benefits for:

Government organizations and local authorities

  • Giving a service to the citizens
  • Better understanding of your citizens’ behavior
  • Efficient operation in line with local requirements
  • Accurate parking and traffic management data in and for your city
  • Reduced traffic congestion and improved quality of air in your city
  • Better image of your city


  • Flexible architecture with easy updates and upgrades
  • Quick and easy access to all real-time parking data and process automatization
  • Enhanced driver information
  • Streamlined and improved parking enforcement
  • Better understanding with deep analysis on the behavior of commuters

Drivers and citizens

  • More adapted services
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • More comfortable guidance to available (free) parking spaces
  • User applications downloadable on mobile devices
  • Several e-payment options

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