OUR Story

Our values

Our values drive us to contribute to a better living in your cities


Our dedicated group of parking experts (engineers, developers, know-how specialists and designers) have the perfect knowledge and professional skills to deliver you everything your project needs in this business.

Client focused

We work hard for preserving our client’s confidence.


We strive to continually learn, improve, adapt, evolve and innovate in our services, communications and our relationships with a positive mental attitude.


We believe in partnerships and a great team spirit where we can share our experience and listen to your needs.

Flexible solutions

Our job is to offer tailor-made solutions adapted to your specific needs.


We appreciate the value and diversity of our team. We respect, trust and support each other.

Why EPS Global?

Why you should choose EPS Global?

EPS Global has a solid DNA based on its parking operation history

  • Founded on a complete range of integrated parking management systems fully or partly created and developed by us
  • We offer, operate, develop and sell parking systems, traffic related technologies and other services

EPS Global helps you to get a clear picture on your traffic management and parking situation

  • You get a full parking solution, handling all aspects of parking management
  • We solve the financing of your parking project in the best available cooperation (and business) model
  • You can get connected to more precise Data resulting from better real-time monitoring and evaluation techniques
  • You can make both your city and your citizens, or customers, benefit from the cutting-edge technological solutions and offer them a better digital experience daily
  • You can become the next initiator of Smart City Projects
  • You can be the next capacity capturer who is ready to face new challenges related to sustainable development and urban mobility