Consultancy for Smart City Projects

What we offer:


Advice on streamline operations

  • Organizational analysis
  • Standard operational procedures
  • Assistance on hardware and software equipment
  • Operational audits and revenue controls
  • Installation and maintenance practices
  • Training, operating and maintenance handbook(s)

Recommendations on technological solutions

  • Provided by us, one of our partners, or your partner(s)
  • For equipment and/or software replacement
  • Upgrades on existing equipment and/or software
  • Sensitive data handling
  • Information management safely and securely
  • Process Big Data collected from several sources (sensors, guidance boards, smart city displays, parking terminals, enforcement tools, e-payment solutions, user right management, mobile app, …)

Full spectrum of study services

  • Concept definition
  • Strategic approach
  • Situation analysis
  • Evaluation of parking possibilities
  • Measurement of the actual traffic situation
  • Business and financial modelling
  • Estimation of the CAPEX, OPEX and the ROI

Assistance on financial modelling

  • Condition assessment
  • Environmental assessment
  • Market & financial analysis
  • Energy survey
  • Utilities assessment
  • Service life calculations
  • CAPEX and OPEX planning
  • ROI calculation

Suggestions on business development

  • Administration
  • Legal
  • HR
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer Service

Your benefits:

Create and develop your project based on best practices

Use world-class technology

Build excellent partnerships

Be guided through large and complex projects

Be assisted with financial modelling

Work closely with our dedicated professional team

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